exhibitions 2000-2007


  • Rolandseck, Bonn: Europäische Kulzurzentrum, Galerie Rosemarie Bassi. Personal.
  • Bonn (Germany): Law Court, Solo exhibition.

Poster: Law Court Bonn, Solo exhibition2006

  • Bonn (Germany): Law Court, Solo exhibition.
  • Bonn (Germany): Performance “Ferro d´Istinto (Instinctual Iron)”- Sculpture dance and music, with the duo “In Limine” and “Compagnia Giardino Chiuso”
  • Köln (Germany): Italian Institute of Culture: Solo exhibition.
  • Kaiserslautern (Germany): Central Savings Bank: Solo exhibition.Invitation: Köln, Germany, Italian Institute of Culture: Solo exhibition


  • Wachenheim Ludwigshafen (Germany): Villa Wolf: Solo exhibition
  • Bonn (Germany): Arte in giardino, Officine Delfosse: Solo exhibition.
  • Bonn (Germany): Law Court: Solo exhibition.


  • Genval, Bruxelles: Individual sculpture exhibition held at Gallery Cap d´Art.
  • Ludwigshafen (Germany): Cap d’Art Gallery: Solo exhibition.
  • Wachenheim (Germany): Villa Wolf: Solo exhibition.


  • Toscan (Italy): Several return visits to Tuscan, where he continuous to manage the sculpture garden and workplace.
  • San Gimignano (Italy): Works are permanently on display in the Costarella.
  • Bonn (Germany): Individual exhibition held at Hotel Königshof.


  • Bonn (Germany): “Open Atelier” during winter months, exhibiting paintings over 10 years.


  • San Jose (California – USA): consultation and project design for a sculpture installation for a new district in Silicon Valley.